Which is the first roadster made by BMW?

The BMW 3/15 PS DA 3 Type Wartburg is considered the first roadster produced by BMW, a German automaker renowned for its quality and innovative styling. The model was launched in 1930 and remained in production until the following year, with a total of 150 examples produced.

The creation of the BMW 3/15 PS DA 3 Type Wartburg was the result of the commercial success of the BMW Dixi, the first car produced by BMW under licence from British Austin between 1927 and 1929. Following the success of the BMW Dixi, the brand decided to continue to innovate in the automobile market by creating its own roadster.

This car was powered by a four-cylinder DA 3 engine, which was an improved version of the DA 2 engine, with an output of 18 hp and a displacement of 748cc. The engine was equipped with a Solex 26 FV carburettor and an air valve, which enabled the BMW 3/15 PS DA 3 Type Wartburg to accelerate to a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph). The transmission was a 3-speed, with a gear ratio of 1 – 3.25, 2 – 1.82 and 3 – 1.00, and a reverse gear of 3.42. This model had a steel chassis, a rigid axle front suspension with elliptic springs and a rigid axle rear suspension with semi-elliptic springs. In addition, the design also featured steel wheels with 3.50 x 17″ tyres.

This model was the first sports roadster produced by the brand, which represented a major achievement in its history in the automotive market. Its innovative and elegant design, coupled with its excellent performance, made it a hit with sports car enthusiasts. With this model, BMW began a long tradition of creating high-quality sports cars, which today remains a hallmark of the brand.

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