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Unique BMW Glas 1600 GT Convertible restored

BMW’s classic car department has presented its latest work, the restoration of the only surviving example, of the two that were manufactured, of the prototype of the small coupe BMW Glas 1600 GT.

This exclusive coupe with a clear Italian look, never got to have a convertible version, but BMW project a convertible for the American market that never materialized, being this the only example that has reached our days. It has undergone a complete restoration that has been carried out by the apprentices of the BMW classics department, who have devoted more than a year of work to put it in a look that seems fresh off the production line, with its silver paint and red upholstery in perfect condition. It sure smells new. The original engine, a 105 hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder that came from the 1600 Ti version has also been fully restored.

The Glas GT, in its original version, was designed by the Italian firm Frua de Moncalieri for the German company Glas, which gives it an appearance closer to the Alfa Romeo and Maserati of the time than to the sports cars that BMW manufactured at that time. After the acquisition of the Glas company by BMW, the front of the vehicle was adapted, incorporating the iconic BMW kidney grille.

For enthusiasts dreaming of owning this vehicle, unfortunately, that option is out of the question, as the car will become part of the brand’s prestigious vehicle collection. It is presumed that it will soon be on display at the BMW Museum in Munich, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to marvel at this jewel of automotive history.


Original coupe version of the vehicle

Although the possibility of acquiring this vehicle is remote, there is always the consolation of admiring the coupe version of this beautiful Glas GT, which we may find by chance on the streets.