Toyota Mark II: Origins, Specifications and Evolution

The Toyota Mark II is more than a car; it is an icon in the history of the automotive industry. Since its initial launch in 1968, this vehicle has left an indelible mark on the market, establishing itself as a reliable and respected choice for drivers around the world. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history, technical features and legacy of the Toyota Mark II.

Origins and Evolution

The First Step: Toyota Corona Mark II (1968-1972)

The Toyota Corona Mark II, launched in 1968, marked the beginning of the Mark II saga. Designed as an alternative to the luxurious Toyota Crown and the smaller Toyota Corona, the Mark II occupied a prominent place in Toyota’s sedan hierarchy. With a slightly larger body than the Corona and a higher trim level, the Mark II was positioned as an attractive option for those seeking a more spacious and comfortable vehicle without sacrificing quality.

During its first generation, the Mark II underwent several updates, both aesthetic and mechanical, to keep up with market demands and government regulations. From cosmetic changes to the front grille to the introduction of more powerful engines, the Mark II demonstrated its ability to adapt and continuously improve.

Technical Specifications

The following are the technical specifications of the first generation Toyota Corona Mark II:


EngineVariety of engines ranging from 1.5L to 2.0L
TransmissionThree-speed automatic (export)
Four- or three-speed manual
SuspensionDouble wishbone with coil springs (front)
Leaf springs (rear)
DimensionsLength: 4,295-4,320 mm
Width: 1,605-1,610 mm
Height: 1,395-1,405 mm
Weight950-1,030 kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What did the Toyota Mark II mean for the Toyota brand?

The Toyota Mark II was an important milestone for Toyota, as it allowed the brand to expand beyond its image as a manufacturer of economical, small cars. With the Mark II, Toyota demonstrated its ability to produce larger, more luxurious vehicles without compromising quality or efficiency.

What was the reason behind the success of the Toyota Mark II?

The success of the Toyota Mark II can be attributed to its combination of adequate size, comfort, reliability and affordability. In addition, the Mark II’s ability to adapt to changing market needs contributed to its enduring popularity.

What was the legacy of the Toyota Mark II?

The legacy of the Toyota Mark II endures to this day, as it laid the foundation for future Toyota models and cemented the brand’s reputation as a manufacturer of high quality, reliable performance vehicles.


In summary, the Toyota Mark II is much more than just an automobile; it is a symbol of automotive excellence and a milestone in Toyota’s history. With its legacy of innovation, reliability and quality, the Mark II continues to be remembered and admired by automotive enthusiasts around the world.

Photos: © Toyota