The most exclusive BMW M3 E-30

If you are looking for a very exclusive BMW M3 E-30, the one that all the owners of a “normal” M3 stare at at the rallies, your car is definitely the M3 E30 Roberto Ravaglia edition. With a production of only 25 units, manufactured exclusively for the UK market, this iconic sports car is a very difficult car to see at classic rallies.

This edition is dedicated to the Italian driver Roberto Ravaglia, born in 1957 in Venice, a racing driver who excelled in touring cars, with several national and international championships and numerous victories in endurance races. Ravaglia spent most of his professional career with the German brand BMW, with which he achieved all his successes.

Of this magnificent sports car, designed to Ravaglia’s specifications and distinguishable by its colours limited to Misano red or Nogaro silver, it is difficult to know how many of the original 25 still survive.

If you’re wondering about its price, we’ll tell you that one unit was sold in 2020 for €70,000. Not a bad price for a legend.