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The BMW E21: The first 3 Series and an old car to be admired

In the 1970s, BMW decided to make a radical change in its strategy and launched a vehicle that became an icon of the brand: the BMW E21.

The BMW E21, also known as the 3 Series, was introduced in 1975 and represented a quantum leap in terms of design, technology and performance. The car, which became the first model in the BMW 3 Series, was characterised by its sporty, elegant styling, high quality and high level of equipment.

In terms of design, the BMW E21 featured an aerodynamic line and compact body that gave it a dynamic and agile appearance. The car also featured a number of elements that gave it a unique personality, such as the double round headlights, the double kidney grille and the BMW logo on the bonnet.

The BMW E21 featured a wide range of petrol and diesel engines, which were characterised by their efficiency and high performance. In addition, this vehicle included a number of features that made it stand out in the market, such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS), power steering and the sunroof.

But without a doubt, one of the most striking aspects of the BMW E21 was its performance. This car was designed to offer a unique driving experience, thanks to its sporty suspension, 5-speed manual gearbox and sports exhaust system.


In addition, the BMW E21 was a milestone in the history of the brand, laying the foundations for the development of the 3 Series, which has become one of BMW’s most iconic models and has undergone numerous developments and improvements over the years.

In short, the BMW E21 was an epoch-making vehicle that became an icon of the brand. A model that combined design, technology and performance, it laid the foundations for the development of a series of vehicles that have consolidated BMW’s position as one of the leading brands in the automotive market.

3151981–19831.6 L M1055 kW (75 PS)
1.6 L M10
1.8 L M10
66 kW (90 PS)
66 kW (90 PS)
3181975–19801.8 L M1066 kW (90 PS)
72 kW (98 PS)
1.8 L M1077 kW (105 PS)
3201975–19772.0 L M1080 kW (109 PS)
320/61977–19822.0 L M2090 kW (122 PS)
320i1975–19772.0 L M1092 kW (125 PS)
323i1978–19822.3 L M20105 kW (143 PS)


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