The BMW 2002: A look at a sports classic

The BMW 2002 is a sports car produced by BMW between 1968 and 1976. It is considered one of the brand’s most iconic and successful models. In this article, we will discuss the design, performance, history and legacy of the BMW 2002, as well as the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle.

Exterior design

The exterior design of the BMW 2002 is an example of classic 1960s and 1970s design. It features a wedge shape with a high beltline and a slightly sloping rear end. The front of the vehicle is aggressive and muscular, with round headlights and a slim, rectangular grille. The high beltline continues to the rear, creating a sense of movement and dynamism.

Throughout the years of production of the BMW 2002, there were some changes in the design, although overall it remained true to its original styling. In 1971, the 2002 tii model was introduced, featuring a slightly different design with a black grille and tii badge on the hood. Wider wheels and a silver and black finish were also added to the vehicle’s interior.

Mechanics and performance of the BMW 2002

The BMW 2002 is known for its sporty performance and excellent handling. The model’s inline four-cylinder engine produces between 100 and 130 horsepower, giving it a top speed of around 200 km/h (125 mph). The four-speed manual transmission is very precise and well suited to the high-powered engine.

In terms of on-road performance, the BMW 2002 is a very agile and fun-to-drive vehicle. It is capable of cornering at high speed and offers quick response when accelerating. In addition, its braking is reliable and smooth.

History and legacy of the BMW 2002

The BMW 2002 was launched in 1968 as an improved version of the 1600 model. It quickly became a huge sales success and gained a huge following. It was popular with racing drivers and was also used on the rally circuit.

One of the biggest achievements of the BMW 2002 in the racing world was at the 1969 Monte Carlo Rally. Rally driver Rauno Aaltonen and his co-driver Henry Liddon drove a BMW 2002 in the event and won it in class. It was a great triumph for BMW and helped establish the BMW 2002’s reputation as a high-performance sports car.

The BMW 2002 became an icon in automotive culture and in the automobile industry. This model is often credited with helping to establish the BMW brand as a manufacturer of high quality sports cars.

Buying and Maintaining a BMW 2002

If you are interested in buying a BMW 2002, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the car is in good condition and has been well maintained. Because the BMW 2002 is an older model, it may need some repairs and upgrades, so it’s important to look for one that has been well cared for.

Another aspect to consider is the cost of maintenance. The BMW 2002 is a high-end sports car, so it can be expensive to maintain. It is recommended that you have a sufficient budget to cover maintenance and repair costs.

It is important to look for a specialized BMW shop that has experience in repairing and maintaining the BMW 2002. In addition, you should also consider the availability of replacement parts for the vehicle, as some parts may be difficult to find.