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Test: ¿Cuánto sabes de BMW?

Te proponemos un pequeño examen-juego para demostrar cuánto sabes de BMW ¿Te atreves? Empieza el juego. Pulsa el botón NEXT
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BMW Z21 Just 4/2. The motorbike-like concept car

The BMW Z21, or BMW Just 4/2 was a two-seater concept car designed by BMW and presented at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. Designed by the same BMW engineering team that had already been in charge of the BMW Z18, a rodaste/SUV mix, this quirky two-seater…
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BMW Z18, BMW’s first SUV roadster

The 1995 BMW Z18 concept car was a milestone as the first off-road roadster developed by BMW. This revolutionary creation merged two traditional automotive categories, combining the excitement of a convertible with the ruggedness and versatility…

Electric BMW Z3

Why not convert a BMW Z3 into a 100% electric vehicle? This challenge was set by Felix Ballendat, a technology-fascinated German who already had experience with electric vehicles after working at Tesla. In just two and a half months, he built…