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What were the key dimensions of the BMW M3 E30 in length, width, and height?

The BMW M3 E30 had impressive dimensions, with a length of 4345 mm, a width of 1680 mm, and a height of 1370 mm, fundamental characteristics that defined its imposing presence in the sports car segment.
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What body styles were available for the BMW M3 E30?

The BMW M3 E30 offered two body types: coupe and cabriolet, both with two doors. This variety of options highlighted the versatility and attractiveness of the model for different tastes and customer preferences.
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What was the 0 to 100 km/h acceleration capacity of the BMW M3 E30?

The BMW M3 E30 demonstrated an astonishing acceleration capacity, reaching 100 km/h (62 mph) from zero in just 6.5 seconds, an impressive figure highlighting its sports performance and agility.
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What were some of the models similar to the BMW M3 E30 in the automotive market?

The BMW M3 E30 had similar models such as the Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II and the Porsche 911 (classic), iconic vehicles competing in the same segment and sharing high-performance characteristics.
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What was the direct successor of the BMW M3 E30?

The direct successor of the BMW M3 E30 was the E36 model, relevant information for those interested in following the evolutionary line of BMW's M3 series.
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What were the editions and special models of the BMW M3 E30?

The BMW M3 E30 presented various special editions such as Evolution 1, Tour de Corse '87, Tourenwagen Europameister 87, Europameister 88, Evolution 2, Cabriolet, Cecotto/Ravaglia, and Sport Evolution, attracting the attention of collectors and…
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What were the special versions of the BMW M3 E30 Cabrio?

The BMW M3 E30 Cabrio had exclusive versions, standing out for its manual production at the BMW Motorsport GmbH department and its exclusivity in the European market. Valuable data for collectors and enthusiasts of exclusive and convertible…
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A BMW M3 E30 with 1300 hp

This is Vidar Jodahl's Monster, a race-modified BMW M3 E30 and a regular competitor at the popular Gatebil Festival, where for years it has raced and moved spectacularly with its brutal 1,324 hp and 1,578 Nm of torque. Brutal compared to the…

Is a BMW M3 E-30 faster than a current BMW 320d?

Can a classic BMW M3 E-30 do battle with a BMW F30 320 d? The E-30 had 192 bhp, but this is the M3 E-30 Roberto Ravaglia Special Edition, so it has 200 bhp. The 320 d has less power, 184 bhp, but almost double the torque of the E-30, and it…

The most exclusive BMW M3 E-30

If you are looking for a very exclusive BMW M3 E-30, the one that all the owners of a "normal" M3 stare at at the rallies, your car is definitely the M3 E30 Roberto Ravaglia edition. With a production of only 25 units, manufactured exclusively…