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How many units were produced of the BMW M3 E30 in total during its production period?

During its production period, a total of 17,960 units of the BMW M3 E30 were manufactured, a crucial figure highlighting its exclusivity and demand in the automotive market of the time.
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What was the maximum speed that the BMW M3 E30 could reach?

The BMW M3 E30 achieved a maximum speed of 248 km/h (154 mph), a significant figure highlighting its performance and speed capability on the road, attracting sports car enthusiasts.
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What was the successor of the BMW M3 E30?

The direct successor of the BMW M3 E30 was the E36 model, a continuation in the line of this legendary sports car, marking the transition to a new era in the evolution of BMW's M series.
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Who was in charge of the technical development of the S14 engine and the M3 E30 model of BMW Motorsport GmbH?

BMW's president, Eberhard Von Kuemheim, tasked Paul Rosche, director of technical development at BMW Motorsport GmbH, with the responsibility of developing both the S14 engine and the M3 E30 model, marking a milestone in automotive engineering…
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What was the drag coefficient (Cx) of the BMW M3 E30?

The BMW M3 E30 had a drag coefficient (Cx) of 0.33, a fundamental aerodynamic specification influencing its efficiency in terms of air resistance and road performance.
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What were the available color variants for the BMW M3 E30 Cabrio?

The BMW M3 E30 Cabrio offered a wide range of body colors, including Diamond Black metallic, Alpine White II, Misano Red, Nogaro Silver metallic, Sterling Silver metallic, Macao Blue metallic, Brilliant Red, and Jet black, valuable information…
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What was the maximum power and torque of the BMW M3 E30 engine?

The BMW M3 E30 engine exhibited power ranging from 195 to 238 HP (192 to 235 HP) and a torque of 240 to 245 N·m (177 to 181 lb·ft), characteristics that highlighted its exceptional performance and responsiveness.

How much horsepower did the E30 M3 engine have?

BMW M3 E30: Motor, especificaciones técnicas y rendimiento
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What body styles were available for the BMW M3 E30?

The BMW M3 E30 offered two body types: coupe and cabriolet, both with two doors. This variety of options highlighted the versatility and attractiveness of the model for different tastes and customer preferences.
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What were the special versions of the BMW M3 E30 Cabrio?

The BMW M3 E30 Cabrio had exclusive versions, standing out for its manual production at the BMW Motorsport GmbH department and its exclusivity in the European market. Valuable data for collectors and enthusiasts of exclusive and convertible…