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History of the BMW e30 M3

The story of the BMW E30 is the story of a war machine, a beast of steel and engine that roared down the road like a caged lion. It was a car built for speed and excitement, a symbol of freedom and rebellion. It was a car that, like its drivers,…
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What was the trunk capacity of the BMW M3 E30?

With a trunk capacity of 420 dm³ (14.8 ft³), the BMW M3 E30 offered surprising capacity for a sports car in its category, providing enough space for conveniently storing luggage and items.
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What differentiated the BMW M3 E30 Cabrio from its coupe counterpart?

The BMW M3 E30 Cabrio stood out for its reinforced structure due to the absence of a hardtop, requiring additional reinforcements on the side sills and windshield pillar, highlighting its structural rigidity and its design adapted to provide…
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What type of suspension did the BMW M3 E30 have in the front?

The front suspension of the BMW M3 E30 featured a McPherson system with coil springs and stabilizer bar, a design that optimized stability and control during driving, emphasizing its sporty handling.
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What were the key improvements present in the BMW M3 E30 Evolution 2?

The BMW M3 E30 Evolution 2 offered significant improvements in its engine, aerodynamics, and aesthetic characteristics, with an increase in power to 220 HP, aerodynamic modifications, reinforced brakes, and special attention to its design, making…
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Who was the designer behind the iconic BMW M3 E30?

The BMW M3 E30 was designed by Claus Luthe, a prominent automotive designer responsible for its aesthetic and functional concept, adding prestige and recognition to this legendary model.
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How many cylinders did the BMW M3 E30 engine have and what was its displacement?

The BMW M3 E30 engine featured an impressive performance of 4 cylinders in line, with a displacement ranging from 2302 to 2467 cm³ (2.3 to 2.5 L), a crucial technical aspect that defined its power and outstanding performance.
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What fuel consumption did the BMW M3 E30 have in different conditions?

The BMW M3 E30 showed efficient fuel consumption, with figures of 12.5 L/100 km (8 km/L; 18.8 mpg) in urban areas, 7.8 L/100 km (12.8 km/L; 30.2 mpg) on highways, and 8.8 L/100 km (11.4 km/L; 26.7 mpg) in combined conditions, a feature highlighting…
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How are the M3 Cecotto/Ravaglia distinguished from the rest of the E30 series?

The M3 Cecotto/Ravaglia stood out for its aesthetics similar to the Evolution II, the numbered and signed plate by the pilots, distinctive colors, special details in the interior, and exclusive features, being highly coveted vehicles by collectors…
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What was the total production of the BMW M3 E30 Cabrio between 1988 and 1991?

The total production of the BMW M3 E30 Cabrio between the years 1988 and 1991 reached a total of 786 units, a relevant figure highlighting its exclusivity and scarcity in the current market of classic vehicles.