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Test: ¿Cuánto sabes de BMW?

Te proponemos un pequeño examen-juego para demostrar cuánto sabes de BMW ¿Te atreves? Empieza el juego. Pulsa el botón NEXT

The BMW E9: A grand tourer that marked an era

The BMW E9, a coupé produced from 1968 to 1975, is a model that made history in the world of grand touring cars. Known for being a fast and elegant vehicle, the E9 was based on the four-cylinder BMW 2000 C/2000 CS models, which were enlarged…

A group of BMW E-9s on a drive through New Hampshire (Video)

Lovely video of a group of BMW E-9s from the Motorsports Club in the mountains of New Hampshire. The BMW New Six CS (internal name BMW E9) is a two-door coupe built for BMW by Karmann between 1968 and 1975. It was developed from the BMW 2000…