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Test: ¿Cuánto sabes de BMW?

Te proponemos un pequeño examen-juego para demostrar cuánto sabes de BMW ¿Te atreves? Empieza el juego. Pulsa el botón NEXT
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Who is Wilhelm Hofmeister and what did he do for BMW?

Wilhelm Hofmeister must undoubtedly go down in automotive history, although his figure is not well known beyond specialists or great connoisseurs in the world of motoring or industrial design. But who was Wilhelm Hofmeister really? Wilhelm Hofmeister,…
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Who is Herbert Quandt and were the owners of BMW Nazis?

Herbert Werner Quandt (22 June 1910 - 2 June 1982), was a German industrialist who was considered the saviour of BMW, and the most important person in BMW's history when it was bankrupt, making a great fortune in the process. But it was not…

BMW 700 Coupe, BMW’s salvation

Things were not going well in Munich. These were the worst years in its history. In fact, BMW was rapidly approaching the company's final collapse in the 1950s: while motorbike production reached a new record high in 1952, production figures…