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Test: ¿Cuánto sabes de BMW?

Te proponemos un pequeño examen-juego para demostrar cuánto sabes de BMW ¿Te atreves? Empieza el juego. Pulsa el botón NEXT
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The 10 most popular classic BMW models of all time

BMW is a German automobile brand known for its quality, performance and innovative design. Since its founding in 1916, the company has produced a wide variety of models, but there are certain models that have stood out for their popularity…
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BMW 507 Loewy Concept. How to wreck one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

The BMW 507 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sports cars ever made, so it is hard to understand why industrial designers would dare to tamper with it in an attempt to improve its elegant figure. Even more difficult to understand is when…
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Albrecht Graf von Goertz, the designer of the BMW 507

Albrecht Graf von Goertz was an industrial designer responsible for the design, among other vehicles, of the BMW 507. Born into an aristocratic family in the Hanover region, he first worked as a bank clerk in Germany, but after a period of time…

BMW 503, the misunderstood coupe

The BMW 503 is a two-door 2+2 car produced in the 1950s by BMW. The company developed the BMW 503 along with the 507 roadster in an attempt to sell a significant number of luxury cars in the United States, where it did not have a very large…

Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 restored

The king of rock, Elvis Presley, was the lucky owner of this magnificent BMW 507, which he bought in Germany while doing his military service. After finishing it, he shipped it in a container to the United States where it was passed from hand…