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The classic BMW 328, an elegant car

The BMW 328 is a sports car produced by BMW between 1936 and 1940. It was designed by Peter Szymanowski, who became BMW's chief designer after the Second World War (although the car was actually designed by Fritz Fiedler). The BMW 328 already…
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BMW F76, the delivery vehicle from BMW

BMW makes delivery vehicles? But let's see, isn't the Bavarian company known the world over for making sports cars? Well, yes, but at one point in its history, due to the company's economic needs, it also produced a small delivery vehicle. This…
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Test: ¿Cuánto sabes de BMW?

Te proponemos un pequeño examen-juego para demostrar cuánto sabes de BMW ¿Te atreves? Empieza el juego. Pulsa el botón NEXT

BMW 328 Touring, winner of the Mille Miglia

The Mille Miglia is one of the most famous races in the world and has been held in Italy since 1927. This 1000+ mile endurance competition has been the scene of many sporting and technological feats, and has been won by some of the most iconic…