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Saudi millionaire buries exclusive BMW M1 in the desert

Saudi billionaire Zaki Fath Attia has buried an exclusive 1971 BMW M1 in an undisclosed location in the desert, following divorce proceedings in which he had to give the car to his ex-wife, a model and influencer.


The car is one of only 362s ever built and is priced at $3.5 million today. The vehicle, much used by its owner before it was buried, was a gift from his parents on his 18th birthday.

The design of the BMW M1 is based on the 1972 BMW Turbo concept car conceived by Paul Braque and designed by the famous car designer Giorgio Giugiaro, with its striking wedge shape – an impressive combination of sportiness and aesthetics. A design so impressive that it became Andy Warhol’s canvas for one of BMW’s art cars.

A BMW M1 like the one buried in the desert

The millionaire’s ex-wife, Norma E. Brehm, is believed to have obtained custody of the vehicle following divorce proceedings, which were initiated after his wife made multiple allegations of infidelity against Zaki Fath Attia, including one linking him to a well-known pornographic actress. She reportedly asked for it back after her husband’s divorce, at which point he preferred to bury it rather than hand it over.

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