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One of the best chases in the history of cinema. Robert de Niro’s chase in Ronin

In recent times, we have become accustomed to seeing impossible, computer-generated chases in films, in which cars perform actions that are implausible to the spectator, and inexplicable to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of physics. The Fast and Furious saga comes to mind, where the cars accelerate while in the air, and the drivers calculate to the millimetre the space to pass under a lorry that is going round in circles. Spectacular, and totally fake…

So watching chases from films in which computer visual effects do not exist, and in which everything is based on the skill of the driver, and the power and sporting qualities of the car (even if the car is tricked out) is a delight for a lover of cinema and motoring. Among these, one of the best chase scenes in the history of cinema is undoubtedly this one, from the film “Ronin”, in which Robert de Niro, in his role as a mercenary, chases at high speed in a Peugeot 406 with Jean Reno his rival in the film, represented by the British actress Natascha McElhone, who drives a BMW M5 E34, which, it must be said, is far superior to De Niro’s vehicle. The film also features another equally spectacular chase scene featuring a stunning Audi S8, which also has DeNiro climbing out of the roof of an old brown Benz to fire a LEY missile at another car.

So, come and see, and enjoy the scene.

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