How much horsepower did the E30 M3 engine have?

The BMW E30 M3 was one of the most iconic models of the German brand, and its S14 inline 4-cylinder engine is one of the most outstanding features of this vehicle. This engine had a displacement of 2.3 to 2.5 liters and a power output ranging from 195 to 238 horsepower. It is important to note that the E30 M3 engine was specifically designed to compete in the Group A World Rally Championship, which explains its impressive performance on the track. If you’re looking for a high-performance sports car, the BMW E30 M3 is an excellent choice.


foto: ©BMW

Exploring the BMW M3 E30 Special Editions: A Legacy of Speed and Exclusivity

The BMW M3 E30, an icon among sports car enthusiasts, not only captivated with its performance on the track, but also with its special editions, each with its own history and uniqueness. From evolutions intended for homologation in races to those commemorating emblematic victories, these variants stand out for their exclusivity and enhanced performance.

Evolution 1: The Homologation Pioneer

The first evolution, known as Evolution 1, marked the beginning of a series of improvements aimed at homologating the M3 for racing. With 505 units manufactured according to FIA regulations, this model, produced between February and May 1987, featured a 200 hp S14 engine and distinctive details such as the “E” stamped on the cylinder head.

Tour de Corse ’87 and Tourenwagen Europameister 87: Celebrating Triumphs

Two special editions, the Tour de Corse ’87 and the Tourenwagen Europameister 87, pay tribute to notable victories in the world of motorsport. Limited to 50 units each, these variants stand out for their exclusive details, such as numbered plaques and signed by prominent drivers such as Bernard Beguin and Roberto Ravaglia.

Europameister 88: Honoring a Championship

The Europameister 88 limited series, produced in honor of Italian driver Roberto Ravaglia for his 1988 European Touring Car Championship title, offers a unique combination of exclusivity and performance. With 148 units produced and a 195 hp catalytic engine, this model is distinguished by its Macao-Blue color and details signed by Ravaglia.

Evolution 2: Significant Advances in Performance and Aerodynamics

The Evolution 2, limited to 500 units, represents a crucial evolution of the M3 E30, with significant improvements in both engine and aerodynamics. With 220 hp, a compression ratio of 11.0:1 and aerodynamic tweaks such as a redesigned front spoiler and rear wing, this model offers impressive performance both on the track and on the road.

Cabriolet: Convertible Elegance

The M3 Cabriolet, hand-assembled in the BMW Motorsport GmbH department, combines the power of the M3 with the elegance of a convertible. With a total of 786 units produced between 1988 and 1991, this model offers exceptional performance and a unique driving experience.

Cecotto/Ravaglia: Celebrating Champions

The Cecotto/Ravaglia limited edition, in honor of drivers Johnny Cecotto and Roberto Ravaglia, features Evolution 2-inspired aerodynamics and exclusive details such as numbered plaques signed by the drivers. Intended exclusively for the UK market, this variant offers impressive performance and a direct connection to the legacy of the champions.

Sport Evolution: The pinnacle of performance

Finally, the Sport Evolution, created to comply with FIA Group A regulations, represents the pinnacle of performance in the M3 E30 lineup. With enhancements to the engine, aerodynamics and driving dynamics, this limited edition of 600 units offers a thrilling driving experience and unparalleled performance on the track.

In short, the BMW M3 E30 special editions not only celebrate history and racing success, but also offer motoring enthusiasts the opportunity to own a unique piece of automotive history, where exclusivity meets exceptional performance.