Did you know that BMW has its own bank? Find out all about BMW Bank.

BMW Bank GmbH is a financial institution and a company of the BMW Group. Founded in 1971 in Munich, Germany, the company is also known as BMW Group Financial Services. It currently has a presence in 53 countries, through 26 companies and 27 corporations.

The range of financial services offered by BMW Group Financial Services includes product financing and inventory financing of automobiles and spare parts for BMW and MINI dealers, as well as purchase financing for automobiles and motorbikes for BMW and MINI dealer customers (instalments and 3-Options-Financing BMW Select). In addition, one-year used car financing as well as the allocation of cash credits are also included.

In the area of asset management services, the company offers MobilPlan onTop (savings account with car purchase bonus), MobilPlus (cash), Fixed Deposit (savings bonus), Multimanager Investmentfonds (investment funds), BMW-Card (credit card for BMW drivers), Online-Tagesgeld (cash), Fonds-Navigator (fund navigator) and Spar + Invest (save + invest), Bonus on Top.

In the leasing sector, there is the leasing product line with a variety of options for BMW and MINI dealers, especially for the automotive branch. Optional services such as insurance, maintenance and repair can be added. Distribution is carried out through the BMW Group’s trade organisation as well as through direct sales in the area of asset management services and direct finance.

In short, BMW Bank is a company dedicated to providing specialised financial services for BMW and MINI brand dealers and customers. Its services include product and inventory financing, purchase financing, used car financing and asset management. In addition, it also specialises in leasing and the provision of optional services such as insurance and maintenance. If you are interested in purchasing a BMW or MINI branded vehicle, you can check with BMW Bank to learn about the financing and leasing options available to you.