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Decorate your home with a BMW M1

How about decorating your home with an authentic BMW M1? The idea seems a little far-fetched at first glance, as a BMW M1 can fetch a market value of one million euros. So what is the reason for a BMW classic car enthusiast to decorate his wall in this way?

It should be remembered that the BMW M1 was the first sports car signed by the M department of the German company, and that only 453 examples of the M1 were built between 1978 and 1981, so we are talking about a very exclusive jewel on wheels.

But the protagonist of our story had his reasons. He acquired a BMW M1 in very poor condition, which had been damaged in a traffic accident and was almost impossible to restore, so he decided to turn it into a work of art.


His aim was to restore the car and bring it back to life, but this seemed a tough task. The way was paved when he suddenly came across another example, also in an accident, so he thought of putting the two models together and creating a fully functional ensemble. On the one hand, he used the front part of the latter, on the other, he did the same with the rear of the former.

Here you can see the video of how the BMW M1 was installed on the wall.