Climate activists damage a BMW M1 worth 10 million euros

Climate change activists attacked a BMW M1 Art Car decorated by the artist Andy Warhol in 1979 at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan on 18 November.

In the late 1970s, this American pop art icon was commissioned to paint a BMW M1. It was a perfect match. Andy Warhol’s eye for colour and the sleek, sporty design of the BMW M1. The American pop art icon had been a fan of BMW since he was a young man, and when BMW asked him to create an Art Car for its new mid-engined sports car, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. It took him less than half an hour to complete the fourth model in the BMW Art Car Collection. Warhol, who was already world famous at the time, shared the same passion with many car fanatics of the time. Many enthusiasts and experts consider his Art Car to be the highlight of the entire collection. The result? A masterpiece that remains one of the most famous cars in automotive history.

As well as being one of the most famous sports cars of the 1970s, the M1 is a car that embodies BMW M values like no other. With a powerful inline 6-cylinder engine, timeless design combined with state-of-the-art racing technology, the BMW M1 exceeded all expectations when it debuted in 1978, quickly becoming a motor racing legend.