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BMW Z21 Just 4/2. The motorbike-like concept car

The BMW Z21, or BMW Just 4/2 was a two-seater concept car designed by BMW and presented at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show.

Designed by the same BMW engineering team that had already been in charge of the BMW Z18, a rodaste/SUV mix, this quirky two-seater convertible aimed to create a high-performance rear-drive car with the engine mounted at the rear, just behind the seats.

The design pursued the concept of “less is more”, with no roof or windscreen, and removable panels and doors. It had no roof or windscreen, and the panels and doors were removable. The interior fittings were very spartan, more like a go-kart than a car, although it was fitted with airbags for the occupants.

Concept vehicle BMW Just 4/2 (Z21) – BMW Technik GmbH 1995 (03/2010)

Equipped with a 100 hp four-cylinder engine from the BMW K1100 motorbike, its low weight of only 550 kilograms enabled it to reach 100 km/hour in just six seconds and a top speed of close to 190 km/hour.

The BMW Z21 was accessorised with a matching costume and helmets.