BMW 600, the big brother of the BMW Isetta

The BMW 600 was a microcar produced from mid-1957 to November 1959 by the BMW company and was based on the Isetta, which was produced under licence by the Italian ISO brand.

El BMW 6The BMW 600 was the logical commercial extension of the Isetta 250 and 300, and was designed to retain BMW buyers who found the Isetta too small for them, and who needed a small but four-seater vehicle, but could not afford larger, more expensive cars.

The front opening door remained in place, but the new model was larger, with an additional side door for the rear passenger seats, and fitted a more powerful 600cc BMW motorbike engine, and most importantly, it looked like a car.

More versatile and faster than the original Isetta, it was still priced at a premium compared to other brands’ offerings, being only slightly cheaper than a Volkswagen Beetle, a real bestseller, with which it couldn’t compete at all. This meant that sales were not impressive, and production barely reached 35,000 examples.

After the last commercial launches, the economic situation was very delicate, and it was on the verge of being integrated into Mercedes Benz, but all was not lost, the BMW 700 arrived to save the company.