BMW 501/502. The Baroque Angel

The BMW 501 Sedan, also known as “The Baroque Angel” due to its sumptuous shape, was a luxury car produced in several versions by BMW, being a good car from a technical point of view, but very expensive. BMW planned to sell approx. 20,000 units annually, but practically only 22,000 units were produced until 1963.

The 501 was powered by the M337 engine, a development of the BMW M78 used in the pre-war BMW 326. The four-speed gearbox was not bolted to the engine, but was a separate shaft-driven unit mounted between the second and third crossmember. Top speed was limited to 135 km/h (84 mph) and the acceleration time to 100 km/h (62 mph) was 27 seconds.

The 501 and BMW-built derivatives were four-door sedans. Coupé and convertible versions were available as custom orders from Baur or Autenrieth.

2580 cc M502/1 V8 (502, 2.6 Luxus)
2580 cc M502/110 V8 (2600L)
3168 cc M506/1 V8 (502 3.2)
3168 cc M503/1 V8 (3.2 Super)
3168 cc M506/140 V8 (3200L)
3168 cc M503/160 V8 (3200S)