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BMW 325 4×4, the grandfather of the BMW X7

BMW has just unveiled its new flagship (never a better use of the word “flagship”, as the new X7 is a generous 5.15 metres long), reminiscent of one of the first BMW SUVs, the military version of the BMW 325.

This vehicle was requested by the German army at the beginning of the Second World War to meet its needs for troop transport in adverse terrain, but, at the express request of the army, it could not carry emblems indicating the manufacturer.

The BMW 325 in its military version

Production of the off-road version of the BMW 325 began in April 1937 and continued until the summer of 1940, during which time between 3,225 and 3,259 vehicles were built.

BMW X7, recently unveiled. The “upgraded version” of the BMW 325.)

After the war, the BMW 324 4×4 found its way into mountain rescue and fire-fighting work in Austria.  At the end of their useful life, most of them ended up as scrap metal, and very few have survived.

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