Auction of Alain Prost’s Ferrari F40: A Collector’s Dream

Alain Prost’s Ferrari F40 History

The Ferrari F40 is a legendary car that evokes emotions of admiration and passion in classic car enthusiasts. Every time one of these iconic supercars comes up for sale, collectors and Ferrari lovers remain expectant, but when it is an F40 owned by a motoring legend such as Alain Prost, the enthusiasm reaches unprecedented levels.

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The Vehicle of a Champion: Alain Prost’s Ferrari F40

Alain Prost is one of the most successful drivers in the history of Formula 1. With three World Championships to his name, his talent and driving skills are undeniable. After his successful 1989 season, Prost left McLaren and joined Ferrari as their new star driver. As a gift to the reigning champion, Ferrari presented him with a brand new Ferrari F40, the fastest road car in the world at the time.

According to information provided by RM Sotheby’s, Ferrari F40 chassis number 83249 was completed in late 1989. This example was built without catalytic converters and adjustable suspension, features that were added to later F40 production runs. Alain Prost recently confirmed in a conversation with RM Sotheby’s that he took delivery of the car, but never used it, and sold it shortly after receiving it. The Ferrari was registered in France at Prost’s residence in Méribel in February 1990.

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A Witness to History: The Signature of Alain Prost

Following the sale of the Ferrari F40 by Alain Prost, the next owner was Graham de Zille, who owned several Ferraris at the time. De Zille acquired the car through Graypaul Ferrari, who was acting on behalf of the famous driver. Prior to delivery, Alain Prost signed the car’s roof, which was then covered with a thick transparent coating that can still be seen today. This signature of Prost on the F40 adds a touch of historical authenticity to this example.

A Brief History of the Ferrari F40: The Legendary Supercar

The Ferrari F40 is an undisputed icon of supercars. Its history and legacy have made it a legend on wheels. Since its launch in 1987, this car has captivated speed and luxury enthusiasts with its striking design and exceptional performance. 

Developed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the F40 was conceived as a high-performance car intended for the open road, but with racing specifications. Enzo Ferrari, founder of the marque, sought to create a vehicle that would show the world the power and prowess of Ferrari’s racing car manufacturing.

The F40 was designed by renowned designer Leonardo Fioravanti, who was working for Pininfarina at the time. The car’s body was built using lightweight and strong materials such as kevlar, carbon fibre, aluminium and nomex. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape and advances made in the wind tunnel, the F40 achieved exceptional stability at high speeds.

Under the bonnet, the Ferrari F40 houses a 2.9-litre V8 petrol engine with four valves per cylinder. Equipped with twin turbochargers and without any electronic assistance, this car is a pure machine in terms of performance. Although it lacks modern features such as ABS or power steering, the F40 more than makes up for it with its power and direct connection to the driver.

In its short production run of just five years, the Ferrari F40 outperformed its main rivals, including the Porsche 959 and Lamborghini Diablo, in terms of performance and track behaviour. It also held the title of the world’s fastest car for a time, until the arrival of models such as the Jaguar XJ220 and Bugatti EB110.